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Nobody’s Boy / Sans Famille

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Nobody’s Boy/Sans Famille tells the story of a young boy named Rémi being kidnapped from a young age and then left on a corner of the street, adopted by another family. Rémi is cared for in the loving embrace of Mother Barberin. Until one day, the husband of the mother who works in Paris returns from an accident and a disability, then Rémi follows Vitalis’s circus as a hired laborer. The two roamed all over England and France performing circus shows for a living, then imprisoned in England, finally finding their mother and younger brother. That baby Rémi grew up in hardship. I have been in contact with all kinds of people, living everywhere, “Where it cheats, where it is merciful”. I worked for it and lived, at first under the control of an experienced and moral old man, old Vitalis, later on, I became independent and not only took care of me, but also guaranteed the performance and living for a troubadour. There was a time when you and the group wandered for a few days with nothing in your stomach. There was a time when I was buried in a mine well by flood for a few days and nights. There was a time when she was injustice, was released in court and was in prison. And also when she was raised properly and well. But wherever, under any circumstances, I still follow the discipline of old man Vitalis to keep human qualities, that is, straightforward, brave, self-respectful, loving people, labor-hungry, not asking for permission. , no lies, deceit, gratitude, always want to be useful people.

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