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The Fault in Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful book. The stories of cancer patients are not a new subject in literature, but through the pen of John Green we see something very different. They were in pain both physically and mentally but still filled with joy and enthusiasm. They know their condition, do not live in the fairytale world but believe that there will be a miracle of destroying the evil cancer that is devastating their bodies, But they always live their best for the present. More worth mentioning, these people are still students. Their lives, instead of books and books, are attached to oxygen tanks or intensive care rooms.

Their love is pure and precious. Still know the short time together. They still know they will hurt or will hurt the other person, but they are still there, caring and sharing. Still know someone will go, but they do not regret falling in love and being together in the most painful days of their lives.

The story has no happy ending, but I like the ending. It is an inevitable, inevitable. Death does not mean the end of everything. They fell in love, and that love was real.

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